Remodel Now has years of design-build experience adding and renovating one to seven thousand square foot spaces.


Your Design - Build Team

We begin with your ideas and help fill in the missing details for your finished dream design

Construction can be an experience where the anticipation of each days progress delivers plenty of excitement. We all rush towards that final day where we agree mission accomplished.

Ultimately, clients want their plan understood and realized with the fewest possible disruptions. With Remodel Now, we go from design to build to done with the fewest possible delays or disruptions to your daily activities. Let's talk about your ideas and get your dream project underway.

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Your Foundation

We assess existing foundations, and recommend corrections. New engineered foundations are properly "tied-in" with your existing foundation. 

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Hands On

We are actively involved and accessible througout the process

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Transform Or Expand

We re-design an ordinary brick ranch to whatever or simply expand on your current design.

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Want To Dream Big

When you want to dream big, we can too...